We know the importance of nature...

For this reason, we aim to breathe life in a green area of 40 meters per apartment and live with nature.

We have used all the details in this natural habitat to bring your seedlings all over the country. We have used all the details to support your active life within this area of up to 15.000 m. We created separate playgrounds and playgrounds for children from 0-6 years and 6-12 years old so that they can live their childhood.


Legend Living Areas


Indoor swimming pool

Outdoor Running and Bike Routes

Fitness Center

Pilates and Yoga Halls

Spa and Sauna

Turkish Bath

Lobby and Rest Areas



24 Hour Security
Botanical Gardens
Underground Parking
Department Stores

Football Fields

Basketball Fields



Children Playgrounds
Running and Biking Trails
Survivor Park
Mini Golf Course
Skateboard Track

Tennis Courts

Volleyball Fields



Legend Life
If the goal is to live better; Legend Life Towers...